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Water in our life occupies a leading position.
The human body, on average, 60% water. We need water for drinking, cooking, hygiene procedures. Large amounts of chemicals entering the soil makes it difficult for us to obtain clean water. Contaminated surface water entering them with chemicals and can harm health. It is clean water necessary for our body for proper functioning.

Installation of pumping equipment

Due to deep groundwater, they are difficult to get for consumption. For water lifting and delivery to the consumer not only needed to drill a well, but also to establish high-tech equipment, assemble a water interchange and then the water comes into the house, simply open a faucet. All these works on installation and installation is performed by our craftsmen.

Drilling for heat pumps

Engineering surveys

Engineering-geological surveys are carried out to study the geological conditions of the territory of future development. Engineering-geological surveys provide:

    • Optimization of the choice of the type and depth of foundations;
    • The forecast of possible flooding areas
    • Evaluation of interaction “compressible strata” with the projected structure
    • To optimize costs


Perform a full complex of services on repair of wells:

    • Retrieving the fallen (stuck) pump
    • Pumping the well until complete purification (clarification) of water
    • The recovery of well production
    • The preparation of the passport of the borehole with a complete description of soils, measurement of static and dynamic water level, flow rate, well design, depth, etc.
    • Well logging
    • Repair of pumping equipment
    • Workover
    • Other types of repair