Drilling from PiterGeo

The well drilling process from ordering to water on Your table

1 Preparatory

a) We receive a request for well drilling in Your area of Leningrad region. You can email: 9144963@mail.ru phone 914-49-63. (All data reported to us is completely anonymous)

In our company You communicate the masters who are fully competent in matters of value and conduct of the work themselves. Therefore, You will not get any not true information at the expense of rig time, cost, and can quickly negotiate the beginning of drilling of wells on Your site.

“It’s important! We are not intermediaries between the teams and the client. With those with whom You will communicate бу phone and be to drill your well”

б) After an initial telephone conversation You appoint a convenient time for You when our specialist will be able to collect all the technical information for drilling wells. This is very Important! Because We value Your time and money, and I don’t want the drilling process took more than the calculated time and errors on our part led to the drilling of unnecessary wells meters.

в) specialist includes: Gathering information that will be needed to drill wells.


  • The type of soil
  • The drilling depth of the well (approximate depth of well drilling in the Leningrad region You can see here)
  • The shallow Aquifers.

г) After that, we prepare estimates for work, telling You the final price for drilling the well. Which includes the whole process of drilling and materials. We try to minimize Your participation in the drilling process.

2 workplace Preparation

а) On Your site along with You will be agreed the drilling site. It will not cause any inconvenience or they will be minimized.

б) Will be placed a drilling rig in our case it URBA, proven as a reliable and quality equipment.

в) Will be allocated a place under the pipes, hoses, cutters and other instruments and consumables for drilling. All of this will not lie “anywhere”. Pipes are placed on special supports (for the safety of Your lawns, paths and of course for our convenience). The entire drilling process We maximum amount of effort invested in the “purity”, but do not forget about the professionalism of drilling.

3 Drilling

а) Destruction of rocks and cleaning wells

б) Mounting of the borehole walls if required

в) Measurements

Learn more about the process of drilling water wells, see “the drilling Process”

4 Flushing and primary pumping wells

5 Final

We do cleaning Your entire site employed бу us for drilling.

We want Water on Your Desk was helpful and tasty. And when You are drinking water from wells drilled бу us, and any negative memories will not spoil the taste of the water.