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Timely appeal to professionals will quickly restore the functioning of the artesian system. Remember: the overhaul of wells is a complex and demanding event, requiring a comprehensive approach, a qualified and operational conduct. Carry it out in full scale on their own is unrealistic.

When there is a need to overhaul?

When you receive all of the following reasons, or even one of them, please contact the company PiterGeo. So you can reduce the risk of more serious defects, and provide rapid restoration of water supply. Experts who have left into place, conduct a diagnostic examination of the object and in the shortest time will carry out emergency repairs.

  1. The signs that accompany the breakdown:
  2. Disabled the "start" button, pointing to problems with the motor.
  3. The presence of a foreign smell in the water or the degradation of its flavor and color characteristics.
  4. Detection in the system of the impurities of sand or clay.
  5. The pressure reduction in a pipeline.
  6. Slow recovery of water level in the well.

If the work is aimed at the overhaul of unprofitable recognized because of the depth of drilling or groundwater influence, the decision on the elimination/plugging wells.

Eliminate complex failures of wells

To restore the functioning well professionals innodividually. A typical cause of equipment failure is the fracture in the weld areas. To lift metal parts are used special devices. If damaged pipes are restored. The failure of the filter due to the overgrowing of calcareous sediments, corrected by mechanical or chemical washing unit. Malfunction of the pump will require a lifting mechanism, its repair or replacement.

Recommendations PiterGeo

Price time-consuming process is half the cost of drilling a new well. To avoid costly maintenance activities will allow restoration of the object. The amount of work done in St. Petersburg professionals will be key to the long term operation of a system of innodividual water supply. After overhaul the well experts PiterGeo necessarily provide the configuration of hardware, provide control abstraction.