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The use of artesian water in the country house or in a production environment makes life and work in a civilized and comfortable. But any tech equipment eventually fails, and then the well needed repairs – prompt and professional.

When the well is in urgent need of repair

Control of water production and its status must be monitored. The appearance of turbidity or a sharp decrease in the amount of incoming water into the house, required diagnostics and repair of wells. The reasons for failure can be:
– blockage or clogging of the working of the filter;
– the loss of seal casing;
– failure of the pump used in the well;
– gap manifold on the plot, laid to the building.
The company PiterGeo, performing a well workover in St. Petersburg, will carry out all necessary works for rehabilitation of pumping systems, accessories and communications. We are a professional drilling wells, providing residents of St. Petersburg water quality.

Qualifications and experience – quality assurance

Our company is staffed by professionals with specialized higher and special technical education. For you great practical experience in well drilling, installation and maintenance of pumping equipment, installation of water isolation. The company’s personnel will promptly and efficiently conduct routine maintenance activities that minimizes the time and cost of repairs:

  1. Examines the system with the help of special instruments and devices, identify the cause of the fault.
  2. Will study existing technical documentation.
  3. Determines the optimal method of repair of the well water to restore its proper work.
  4. Will ensure the extraction of a clogged filter or faulty pump for future commissioning the unit.
  5. Eliminate leaks in the equipment or plumbing junction leading to the house.

The cost of services PiterGeo

The price of works on repair of wells depends on the type and complexity of the problem encountered. After a comprehensive diagnostic is installed on your site for a pumping system, the master will determine the exact cost of consumables and elimination of the defects. Timeliness of routine maintenance and preventive measures carried out by specialists PiterGeo, prolong the reliable life of the well.