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The location of the aquifer sand or limestone type in the geological formations of St. Petersburg and Leningrad region on the whole is heterogeneous. It’s almost not associated with surface structure – you can hardly guess about the structure of the subsoil of your site with no survey.
Hydrogeological sections studied in detail and allow you to make a rough picture for each area. Based on the complexity of a particular plot, assigned the price of drilling water wells. The figure is tentative, the exact price are subject to reconnaissance drilling at each site are designated with a modified underground structure of the aquifers.

How to organize the drilling of a borehole on the plot

Before the development of the project will determine the needs. Daily volume, extent of cleaning, the power head – which parameters are important to your family? When drilling wells in the plot plays a serious role in the cost of the work. For example, if you purchase drink exclusively mineral water, and power is only required for irrigation and household needs, there is no need to drill the hole to limestone or Sandstone, it is enough in most cases to drill a well to the first aquifer Sands.
For drilling water wells in St. Petersburg has already prepared a framework and geological surveys. Want to know the approximate cost of the work? Call the staff of "Peter geo", they’ll just check the map and report preliminary data. In most cases this is sufficient for obtaining precise information you can order survey work.
Drilling water wells: the emergence of a source in your area
For placement of equipment will take place. It doesn’t have to be prepared and fortified the site, but the machine will be installed with drilling equipment. Around the point of entrance will soon appear blurred exhaust the soil, so that planting within a few meters won’t manage to keep.
Drilling under water takes 10 to 14 days (for drilling the well to Gdov horizon). Usually, missing two or three days on the whole complex of works. That is the source of water can be started within a week after your treatment.