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Specialists PiterGeo performed in Saint Petersburg installation of all types of equipment for uninterrupted operation of pumping systems. The water supply is carried out innodividually from wells located within a private plot. We are ready not only to choose the best equipment, but also to ensure its continued maintenance and repair.

The services provided by the company PiterGeo

The range of our proposals, fully covering the organization of effective supply, includes the following services:
– design of engineering communications;
– providing high quality materials and equipment;
– professional installation of pumping equipment, stations, valves and auxiliary valves;
– installation of pumps submersible type;
– the complex process of connecting to the electricity network;
– design and installation of water treatment systems.
All pre-planned and routine maintenance operations are carried out by highly qualified staff with significant experience.

Preparing to install and work

Installation of pumping equipment professionals PiterGeo in St. Petersburg is carried out in several stages. The first is preparatory work. For the safe installation of the unit requires the construction of a technical room. In most cases, it rings of reinforced concrete, mounted in the soil. Next is the laying of sewer pipes in industrial building or a private house and their direct connection to the innodividual water supply network.

Installation, start-up and establishment of pumping equipment

The next stage is the final piping and the pump is lowered to the desired depth. After complete the exterior is connected to controlling and regulating devices: hydraulic accumulator, pressure gauge, pressure sensor. For proper functioning of equipment required to install and establish a system of control and protection. The final stage of installation is to configure and test the reliability of the water supply system.
Trusting the company PiterGeo the installation of pumps for water supply from wells, you get a guaranteed result. We concern about quality, reliability and long operating life of the unit.