After deciding where to drill wells agreed with the representative of the drilling company “Peter geo” and the customer within a reasonable time under the contract is the delivery of the rig and additional drilling equipment to the drilling works.

Predrilling wells is performed after completion of drilling and installation works, testing of operability of all units of the rig. Before predrilling special attention is paid to the accuracy and reliability of the installation of the drilling rig.

When predrilling vertical wells the correctness of the rig is checked by means of plumb Bob or a level. The main task of the drilling engineer to achieve the optimal combination of parameters (the optimal mode of drilling), which provides highest possible data in specific geological and technical conditions of technical and economic indicators high quality drilling. The success of drilling with the drilling company “Peter geo” guaranteed proven practices and processing methods in drilling.

The feasibility of technological methods, providing high performance, efficiency and quality of drilling works in specific conditions, reached drilling company “Peter geo” over time, the accumulation of years of experience and the introduction of modern technology unlike the competition.