During drilling the drilling mud is an integral and crucial part of the drilling process. The essence of the flushing is continuous or intermittent circulation of the flushing medium in the borehole to:
• clean the bottom from the products of rock destruction
• cooling of the rock cutting tool

These two basic functions are performed by flushing with drilling fluids clay-based with the addition of various polymers(for performing various drilling tasks)
In various concrete drilling conditions of the wash environment should, in addition, to ensure the stability of the borehole walls and fix poorly connected, loose, friable rocks, to prevent swelling or dissolution of penetrated rocks, erosion of core, but should facilitate destruction of the face.

Our drilling company “Peter geo” has an extensive experience in the preparation of drilling fluids with observance of all technology to solve drilling problems.

The process of drilling wells, particularly deep in complex geological section, fraught with various complications manifested in narrowing of the trunk, caving, loss circulation, emissions, etc. Prevention and elimination of complications in the drilling process is possible only on the basis of the correct sеlесtiоn of the appropriate type of drilling mud, directional control of its properties taking into account the geological and hydrogeological characteristics of the section. Drilling mud in the wellbore, are in constant interaction with the reservoir waters, resulting in a water analysis depends on the correct choice of drilling mud. Properly sеlесtеd and prepared drilling fluid is the key to success in drilling wells with the spouting water. This is the most difficult wells to drill. Flowing water may be accompanied by sand, which leads to the drawdown of the surface and destruction of structures. Attempts to eliminate the fountain, tampon the wellhead often lead to the formation of gullies, seeps over a large area. That is why the drilling must be done by the professionals that the drilling was not a problem for you.

Drilling company “Peter geo” is engaged in the drilling of wells in compliance with all technologies, namely high-pressure before opening horizon well definitely planted around the drill pipe with the installation of the Shoe “crowns” in solid rock with grout to the full depth. The wellhead is equipped with a preventer and through the plug connected to the discharge line.


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